Nothing Everything Nothing - Artist Book by Cooper Holoweski


This 100-page artist book traces the entirety of existence from pre-big bang to the evolution of human consciousness, and the eventual collapse of the universe and return to nothingness. With a laser-engraved acrylic cover and wire-o binding, it has no beginning and no end; Nothing Everything Nothing is as much a sculpture as a traditional book.

Inspired by the works of 16th-century theologen Robert Fludd (aka Robertus de Fluctibus) who attempted to write a volume of books containing all the knowledge in the universe, Nothing Everything Nothing re-investigates this premise with everyday materials and digital 3D modeling.

Along with the works of Fludd, this project also draws from the popular 1980s television show "Cosmos" with Carl Sagan and various esoteric mythologies referring to the beginning and end of existence. The first half of Nothing Everything Nothing traces the rise of consciousness through scanned collages of aluminum foil, cardboard, tape, cotton balls, bottle caps, and others. The second half of the book uses digital 3D modeling software to document a history spanning early human technologies to our own self-destruction and eventual collapse of the universe.